Suprnova's ZEC (ZCash) Pool // Algo: Equihash // All services okay

    EU & US Mining Node: stratum+tcp:// (Backup: stratum+tcp:// )
    US Mining Node: stratum+tcp:// ASIC Port 4142
     Asia Pacific Mining Node: stratum+tcp://

Check this great Nicehash Mining-Tutorial from BTC-Kyle Thanks a lot !

Please use for calculating your mining estimates per hour/day/week

Anonymous mining possible too !

For Nicehash use It is not recommended to use nicehash on this pool !!!

You can define your own diff through password field, for example: d=8192 as password gives you 8192 as diff

SSL Port for Claymore 9 added: ssl://

Special Port for CCMiner added: stratum+tcp://

ASIC PORT (Z9&Mini etc): stratum+tcp:// !

Merry Christmas ! 0 % fee until 01/01/19
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